Contemporary ceramic sculpture

My work in clay is centred in the landscape, the semi-abstract, forms are reminiscent of Asian ink landscapes and also Italian rococo sculpture. Various cultural influences and methods are unified with my expressionistic gestural, textural techniques that I have been developing over several years.

I use strong grogged clay bodies in complex forms with soft spongy paper porcelain surfaces and contrasting colour slips, terra sigillata and glazes. I have recently started making bases of stained plaster with plastic waste, Styrofoam, straws, coal, etc, that extend ceramic textures down the form. These embedded materials are imbued with deep grief for the current state of our global landscape in the Anthropocene epoch.

“The new universality consists in feeling that the ground is in the process of giving way.”
― Bruno Latour, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime

Art thinking and craft thinking…
My body in space becomes

my landscape

I’m a deaf, contemporary artist and craftsperson with an Advanced Diploma in ceramics. I make large hand-built ceramic sculptures, limited edition slip cast ikebana vases and also thrown hand-carved tea bowls. I make slips, terra-sigillata’s and glazes.

My sculpture explores fantastical clouds and smoke-inspired landscapes embodied in clay. Coming from a contemporary art and design background, I’m interested in the connection between art, design and craft thinking.

I was awarded a ‘commendation’ at the 2016 HIDDEN Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk. A finalist in the Melbourne Laneways Art Commissions.

In my previous life, I worked as a digital media Art Director and Creative Director. 

Recent Exhibitions

Previous exhibitions include Leichhardt Fringe Festival (2017), Beams Art Festival (2014), “And ornitho-logical Exhibition” (2014 with Sandra Winkworth).

I have also exhibited at Drift at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Hatched exhibition at PICA.  And also, A Fresh Perspective, an exhibition at Kerrie Lowe Gallery, among other shows.

  • 2022 – A Fresh Perspective Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery
  • 2021 – A Fresh Perspective Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery
  • 2020 – A Fresh Perspective Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery
  • 2019 – A Fresh Perspective Exhibition, Kerrie Lowe Gallery
  • 2018 – Kindred Exhibition, Yellow Dot Gallery
  • 2017 – Rock Paper Scissors Exhibition, Muse Gallery
  • 2016 – HIDDEN; Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk
  • 2015 – Leichhardt Fringe Festival
  • 2014 – Beams Art Festival
  • 2013 – Linden Postcard prize exhibition
  • 2010, Finalist – Melbourne Laneways Art Commissions
  • 2004 – Drift, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
  • 2004 – Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

I am interested in the conversation we have in the cultural exchange between the West and Asia. Initially between the traderoots between Dutch and Japan but also post-WW2 with exchage between Japan and the USA with animation and animae, Disney and Studio Ghibli, film and including the trauma narrative between them and current contemporary art including decorative arts from ceramics to painting, digital and video art.

K Collins


  • BFA from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW)
  • MFA in Electronic Art at Sydney College of the Arts (USYD)
  • Ceramics Diploma at TAFE (NSW).
  • Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at TAFE (NSW)

Recent works