Art thinking and craft thinking. My body in space becomes my landscape. Things that I think about with my hands in the clay.

Contemporary ceramic sculpture

My work in clay is centred in the landscape, the semi-abstract, forms are reminiscent of Asian ink landscapes and also Italian rococo sculpture. Various cultural influences and methods are unified with my expressionistic gestural, textural techniques that I have been developing over several years.

I use strong grogged clay bodies in complex forms with soft spongy paper porcelain surfaces and contrasting colour slips, terra sigillata and glazes. I have recently started making bases of stained plaster with plastic waste, Styrofoam, straws, coal, etc, that extend ceramic textures down the form. These embedded materials are imbued with deep grief for the current state of our global landscape in the Anthropocene epoch.

“The new universality consists in feeling that the ground is in the process of giving way.”
― Bruno Latour, Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime

“I wake every day filled with curiosity to work with the endless possibilities of the language of clay and chemicals. It’s often a long process but there is no greater joy than discovering new surprising forms, glazes and surfaces, in the wonderful and chaotic tactile problem-solving process of these materials.

Whether my artworks lean towards the minimalist, decorative or descriptive ends of the creative spectrum all of my forms are created with a deep knowledge of the ceramic material, it’s interactions, process and time frames and also the audiences’ tactile experience.”

K Collins