Reductive/Additive: Ceramic exhibition.

A popup exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculpture and design by seven artists: Kirsty Collins, Vanessa Leung, Michelle Bulloch, Jennifer Hartley, Vanessa Sim, Emily Wynn and Rong Li. There will be a range of ceramics for sale.

Kirsty Collins is a contemporary, deaf artist and craftsperson currently completing the Advanced Diploma in Ceramics at TAFE NSW (Gymea) and developing a new body of work to be exhibited at Hazlehurst Gallery in 2021 – featuring large format, hand-built sculptures, limited edition slip cast ikebana vases and thrown, hand carved tea bowls. Her sculptures explore the embodiment of fantastical cloud and smoke landscapes in clay. Coming from a contemporary art and design background she is interested in connections between art, design and craft thinking. Kirsty also makes her own experimental glazes, slips and terra sigillata.

Open Studio: Saturday 17 October, 10am – 4pm;
Introduction to Slip Casting: Saturday 17 October, 11am – 12pm

Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture & Design

“I wake every day filled with curiosity to work with the endless possibilities of the language of clay and chemicals. It’s often a long process but there is no greater joy than discovering new surprising forms, glazes and surfaces in the wonderful and chaotic tactile problem-solving process of these materials.

Whether my artworks lean towards the minimalist, decorative or descriptive ends of the creative spectrum all of my forms are created with a deep knowledge of the ceramic material, it’s interactions, process and time frames and also the audiences’ tactile experience.”

K Collins

Art thinking and craft thinking.
My body in space becomes my landscape.
Are things I think about, with my hands in the clay.

Kirsty Collins