Reductive/Additive: Ceramic exhibition.

A popup outdoor, COVID safe, exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculpture and functional ware by seven artists: Kirsty Collins, Vanessa Leung, Michelle Bulloch, Jennifer Hartley, Vanessa Sim, Emily Wynn and Rong Li. Part of Sydney Craft Week, an initiative of Australian Design Centre, 2020.

Hosted by the artist Kirsty Collins, a ceramicist making large tactile phantasmagorical landscapes of gestural mountains, clouds, smoke plumes and explosions, which are airbrushed and draped with experimental slips, terra-sigillata’s and sculptural glazes.

Upcoming advanced diploma graduating exhibition 2021:
Kirsty’s new body of work explores the changing anthropogenic landscape of bush fires, extreme weather, mining blasts and other man-made disasters with the sensual materials of clay and glaze chemicals in the making/thinking process.

May 2021, Hazelhurst Art Gallery
Gymea NSW

Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture & Design

“I wake every day filled with curiosity to work with the endless possibilities of the language of clay and chemicals. It’s often a long process but there is no greater joy than discovering new surprising forms, glazes and surfaces in the wonderful and chaotic tactile problem-solving process of these materials.

Whether my artworks lean towards the minimalist, decorative or descriptive ends of the creative spectrum all of my forms are created with a deep knowledge of the ceramic material, it’s interactions, process and time frames and also the audiences’ tactile experience.”

K Collins

With my hands in the clay I think about the tactile experience of my body in the landscape. I use this sensual material to invite an audience to feel the landscape in motion.

Kirsty Collins