Manic Fugue #1 Kirsty Collins 2020

Ceramics and Emotions, Kudos Gallery, January 2022

Very happy to be included in the Emotional Ceramics Exhibition at Kudos Gallery. Unfortunately, it has been postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions in the Greater Sydney Area.

(Date TBA, perhaps in late January 2022)

Curated by Elaine Kim

Joseph Turin, Elizabeth Lewis, Remy Faint, Annie Shin, Ella Tindal, Kirsty Collins, Brigitte Podrasky, Savana Hopkinson, Harry Copas

In this exhibition, all artists used the same material of clay, but their works hold different meanings. Each artist investigates characteristics of clay and glaze. The artists found the unique texture of clay and glaze. Each artist expressed the materials, interests, bodies, and passions of everyday life through modern colours and primitive textures of ceramics.